Shuonan Wu
Assistant Professor
Office :14103E


Ph. D    


Computational Mathematics            

Peking Universtiy       

B. S.      



Peking University       


Research Interests

Numerical PDEs; Finite element methods; Multilevel methods; Multiphase flow; Fractional PDEs; General convection-diffusion problems

Selected Publications

1. S. Wu, and J. Xu. Nonconforming finite element spaces for 2m-th order partial differential equations in R^n when m = n + 1. Mathematics of Computation, (2018).

2. S. Gong, S. Wu, and J. Xu. New hybridized mixed methods for linear elasticity and optimal multilevel solvers,  Numerische Mathematik, (2018).

3. S. Wu, S. Gong, and J. Xu. Interior penalty mixed finite element method of any order in any dimension for linear elasticity with strongly symmetric stress tensor, Mathematical Models and Methods in Applied Sciences. 27, (2017), 2711-2743.

4. S. Wu, and J. Xu. Multiphase Allen-Cahn and Cahn-Hilliard models and their discretizations with the effect of pairwise surface tensions, Journal of Computational Physics. 343, (2017), 10-32.

5. Y. Jiang, R. Li, and S. Wu. A Second order time homogenized model for sediment transport, SIAM Multiscale Modeling and Simulation. 14, (2016), 965-996.


Professional Appointments


Assistant Professor              

School of Mathematical Sciences, Peking University


Assistant Research Professor                                 

Department of Mathematics, Pennsylvania State University                                                     


Research Associate



Honors and Awards


Presidential Scholarship, Peking University                 


National and International Meeting Organizers and Session Chairs


Mini-symposium on “Robust Solver for Multiphysics Problems”, 24th International Conference on Domain Decomposition Methods, Longyearbyen, Norway, Co-organizer