Yunfeng Cai
Assistant Professor
Office :


Ph. D


Computing Math.

Peking University

B. S.



University of Science and Technology of China

Research Interests

Tensor decompositions and applications; eigenvalue prblem

1. Tensor decomosition in block terms, theory, algorithm, application, etc.

2. Eigenvalue problem and inverse eigenvalue problem

Selected Publications

  • Y.F. Cai, C.Y. Liu, An Algebraic Approach to Nonorthogonal General Joint Block Diagonalization , SIAM J. on Matrix Analysis and Applications, Vol. 38, pp. 50--71, 2017.
  • Y.F. Cai, D.C. Shi, S.F. Xu, A matrix polynomial spectral approach for general joint block diagonalization , SIAM J. on Matrix Analysis and Applications, Vol. 36, pp. 839--863, 2015.
  • Y.F. Cai, Z. Bai, J. E. Pask, N. Sukumar, Hybrid preconditioning for iterative diagonalization of ill-conditioned generalized eigenvalue problems in electronic structure calculations , Journal of Computational Physics, Vol. 255, pp. 16--30, 2013.
  • Y.F. Cai, J. Qian and S.F. Xu, Robust partial pole assignment problem for high order control systems, Automatica, Vol. 48, pp. 1462--1466, 2012.

Professional Appointments


Research fellow

School of Mathmatical Sciences, Peking University


Postdoctoral Fellow

Computer Sciences, University of California, Davis


Postdoctoral Fellow

Academy of Mathmatics and Systems Science, Chinese Academy of Sciences

Honors and Awards


Youth Fund, NSFC


Hundred Talent Program, PekingUniversity

Teaching Activities

Undergraduate course

Advanced Mathematics

2013.s,,2014.s, 2015.s, 2016.s

Undergraduate course

Scientific Computing


Undergraduate/Graduate course

Numerical Linear Algebra

2012.f, 2013.f, 2014.f, 2015.f, 2016.f

Research Projects


Matrix joint block diagonalization: theory and algorithm

National Science Foundation of China




Algebraic Methods for blind matrix joint block diagonaliztion

National Science Foundation of China

¥ 48,000rmb