Multiscale Hybrid Approximations of Conservation Laws

Prof. Philippe Devloo
Computational Mechanics Laboratory, University of Campinas

2017-08-31 ~ 2017-08-31


Science Building No. 1 1479


The Multiscale Hybrid Method (MHM) is a numerical technique geared towards the numerical approximation of problems involving multiple scales.It was originally proposed and developed by F.Valentin, D.Paredes and C.Harder. Multiscale problems are characterized by the fact that an important part of the behavior of the physical phenomenon is deter-mined a characteristic that is too fine to be solved.The MHM is an approach naturally contains the concepts of Upscaling (transferring information from the fine scale to the coarse scale) and Downscaling (transferring information from the coarse scale to the fine scale).In this work we present a variant of the MHM method, called MHM-H(div) which is locally conservative, converges faster than MHM and has successfully applied to the numerical simulation of multiphase reservoir flow.