2014 PKU Summer Activities on Numerical Methods for PDEs

2014-07-13 ~ 2014-07-14

Beijing International Center for Mathematical Research

In order to strengthen and promote the exchange of and cooperation between postgraduates in the field of numerical method of partial differential equations and postgraduates of computational mathematics in Beijing, improve the sense of innovation of postgraduates, cultivate the innovative abilities of postgraduates, train the postgraduates' The latest results, free discussion and learning opportunities will be explored to explore a new model for postgraduate training. We plan to hold the 2nd Graduate Student Forum on Numerical Methods for Partial Differential Equations and the 1st Beijing Graduate Students Forum on Computing Mathematics at Peking University on July 13, 2014 ".


School of Mathematical Sciences,Peking University

Beijing International Center for Mathematical Research


Funding unit

Graduate School of Peking University

Beijing Association for Science and Technology

Beijing International Center for Mathematical Research



Academic Committee:


Jinchao Xu                The Pennsylvania State University/Peking University

Jun Hu                        Peking University

Zhongyi Huang        Tsinghua University

Ruo Li                         Peking University

Shuanghu Wang      Institute of Applied Physics and Computational Mathematics

Linbo Zhang             Academy of Mathematics and Systems Science,Chinese Academy of Sciences

Organizing Committee:

Jun Hu(Chairman)     Peking University

Yuwei Fan                         Peking University

Kaibo Hu                           Peking University

Xiaoping Li                       Peking University

Rui Ma                               Peking University

Kailiang Wu                     Peking University



high grade undergraduate students, graduate students and young scholars.




Accommodation unified arrangements.

Attendees should arrange his/her travel expenses by himself/herself.