2014 Workshop on Optimization for Modern Computation

2014-09-02 ~ 2014-09-04

Lecture Hall, Jia Yi Bing Building, 82 Jing Chun Yuan, BICMR





Organizing Committee

Naihua Xiu, Beijing Jiaotong University

Yuhong Dai, Chinese Academy of Sciences

Wotao Yin, University of California, Los Angeles

Zaiwen Wen, Peking University


Scientific Committee

Yaxiang Yuan, Chinese Academy of Sciences

Yinyu Ye, Stanford University

Weinan E, Peking University and Princeton University

Pingwen Zhang, Peking University



National Natural Science Foundation of China

Beijing International Center For Mathematical Research, Peking University

The Mathematical Center of the Ministry Education, Peking University

The Mathematical Programming Branch of OR Society of China


Group Photo

Group Photo 1, Sept. 2 (4.5MB)

Group Photo 2, Sept. 3 (15.5MB)



Yuhong Dai, Chinese Academy of Sciences

Jinyan Fan, Shanghai Jiaotong University

Dongdong Ge, The Shanghai University of Finance and Economics

Deren Han, Nanjing Normal University

Qing Ling, University of Science and Technology of China

Yafeng Liu, Chinese Academy of Sciences

Xin Liu, Chinese Academy of Sciences

Zhiquan Luo, University of Minnesota

Shiqian Ma, The Chinese University of Hong Kong

Jong-Shi Pang, University of Southern California

Defeng Sun, National University of Singapore

Anthony So, The Chinese University of Hong Kong

Lieven Vandenberghe, University of California, Los Angeles

Zaiwen Wen, Peking University

Stephen Wright, University of Wisconsin-Madison

Che-Lin Su, The University of Chicago

Yong Xia, Beihang University

Wenxun Xing, Tsinghua University

Naihua Xiu, Beijing Jiaotong University

Dachuan Xu, Beijing University of Technology

Yuan Yao, Peking University

Yinyu Ye, Stanford University

Wotao Yin, University of California, Los Angeles

Xiaoming Yuan, Hong Kong Baptist University

Liwei Zhang, Dalian University of Technology

Tong Zhang, Rutgers University


Program (Download Program in pdf file)

September 2, Tuesday

09:00-10:20 Session T1, Chair: Yaxiang Yuan

Stephen Wright, Asynchronous Parallel Methods for Optimization and Linear Algebra (slides)

Qing Ling, Decentralized Optimization for Multi-Agent Networks (slides)

10:40-12:00 Session T2, Chair: Yinyu Ye

Dachuan Xu, A Complex Semidefinite Programming Rounding Approximation Algorithm for the Balanced Max-3-Uncut Problem (slides)

Yong Xia, Solving Quadratic Integer Programs: Small Changes Yield Big Improvements (slides)

13:30-15:50 Session T3, Chair: Lieven Vandenberghe

Xiaoming Yuan, Accuracy v.s. Implementability in Algorithmic Design  — - An Example of Operator Splitting Methods for Convex Optimization (slides)

Che-Lin Su, Estimating Dynamic Discrete-Choice Games of Incomplete Information (slides)

Shiqian Ma, Recent Developments of Alternating Direction Method of Multipliers with Multi-Block Variables (slides)

15:50-17:50 Session T4 Chair: Xiaoming Yuan

Naihua Xiu, Optimality and Support Projection Algorithm for Sparsity Constrained Problem (slides)

Deren Han, Asymmetric Proximal Point Algorithms with Moving Proximal Centers (slides)

Yuan Yao, Sparse Recovery via Differential Inclusions (slides)

September 3, Wednesday

08:30-09:50, Session W1, Chair: Stephen Wright

Lieven Vandenberghe, Decomposition by operator-splitting methods and applications in image deblurring (slides)

Xin Liu, An Efficient Gauss-Newton Algorithm for Symmetric Low-Rank Product Matrix Approximations (slides)

10:10-12:00, Session W2, Chair: Yu-Hong Dai

Liwei Zhang, A Smoothing Majorization Method for l^2_2-l^p_p Matrix Minimization (slides)

Yafeng Liu, An SSQP Framework for a Class of Composite L_q Minimization over Polyhedron (slides)

Dongdong Ge, An Improved Algorithm for the L2-Lp Minimization Problem (slides)

13:30-15:50, Session W3, Chair: Shiqian Ma

Jinyan Fan, A semidefinite algorithm for checking monotonic positivity (slides)

Wenxun Xing, p-Norm Constrained Quadratic Programming: Conic Approximation Methods (slides)

Yuhong Dai, A Barzilai-Borwein-Like Gradient Method with Positive Stepsizes and An Extension for Symmetric Linear Systems (slides)

15:50-17:50, Session W4, Chair: Liwei Zhang

Zhiquan Luo, Efficient optimization algorithms for big data applications (slides)

Wotao Yin, Tight Rates and Equivalence Results of Operator Splitting Schemes (slides)

Zirui Zhou, Recent Progress on Error Bounds for Structured Convex Programming (slides)

September 4, Thursday

08:30-09:50, Session V1, Chair: Naihua Xiu

Jong-Shi Pang, A Unified Distributed Algorithm for Non-cooperative Games with Non-convex and Non-differentiable Objectives (slides)

Yinyu Ye, Optimization with Online and Massive Data (slides)

10:10-12:00, Session V2, Chair: Wotao Yin

Tong Zhang, Recent Progresses in Stochastic Algorithms for Big Data Optimization (slides)

Defeng Sun, SDPNAL+: A MajorizedSemismooth Newton-CG Augmented Lagrangian Method for Semidefinite Programming with Nonnegative Constraints (slides)

Zaiwen Wen, Optimization in Electronic Structure Calculation (slides)


Accommodation and Travel Information

BICMR will accommodate all speakers in “Zhong Guan Xin Yuan” Hotel. Other participants are responsible for arranging and paying for their own reservations for hotel accommodations.

Hotel Address: 
“Zhong Guan Xin Yuan” Hotel (Zhongguanyuan Global Village) 
No. 216 Zhongguancun North Road, Haidian District, Beijing 100871, China

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