Mini-Workshop on Mathematical Biology

2017-06-29 ~ 2017-06-30

Room 77201, Jingchunyuan 78, BICMR and Room 82J13, Jiayibing Building, Jingchunyuan 82, BICMR


Lei Zhang (Peking University)

Qing Nie (Peking University & UC Irvine)



Mathematical biology has been developing very quickly in recent decades. The mini-workshop provides a cross-disciplinary forum for diverse researchers to show recent research findings in experimental, computational and theoretical aspects of math biology. We will focus on the complexity of cellular life using experimental and computational methods. Topics of interest include cancer cells, population model, and public health. The workshop will also provide great opportunities for undergraduate and graduate students to study the interdisciplinary research at the interface of mathematics, biology and computational science.


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