The Elite Undergraduate Program


The elite undergraduate program of applied mathematics is financed by the school of Mathematical Sciences and jointly operated by the four applied mathematics disciplines: Computational Mathematics, Statistics, Information Science, and Financial Mathematics. The selection of students into the program is done in the spring semester of the sophomore year. About 20-30 students are selected according to their interests and performance in study. The elite program is financially supported for expense of research and exchange.


The program offers extra course, such as Applied Partial Differential Equations, A Mathematical Introduction to Data Analysis, Methods of Stochastic Simulations, Statistical Learning, Algorithms for Big Data Analysis. Students in the program must take at least three of these courses. To reduce the possible conflict with the existing curriculum schedule, students in the elite program may postpone declaring their majors according to their interests.


In addition to extra courses, the students in elite program get more individualized advices on their studies, and are encouraged to develop/pursuit their own interests freely in the junior year. A committee of the program carefully select/organize seminars, lectures and speeches. Usually this is achieved by carrying out a research project and/or oversea exchange programs. Students take research projects under the guidance of the advisors for one to two years. One or two students will be recognized for their excellent research work as “Award of Excellent Thesis”.